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    Learn Report Writing for
    Increased Convictions!

    Now you can learn police report writing with
    the online training course that has been used
    by more than 35,000 officers and
    recruits so far.
    Improve your writing skills today!

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    The Reid Technique of
    Interviewing and InterrogationĀ®

    The crucial question in any criminal case is
    whether or not the suspect, the victim, or
    other witnesses are telling the truth. The
    answer can influence the course
    of an entire investigation.

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    Domestic Violence:
    The Law Enforcement Response

    This video-based training is designed to
    increase officers' skills and their ability
    to handle one of the most common yet
    complicated calls in police work:
    the domestic violence call.

The Law Enforcement Resource Center (LERC) has been providing police training videos, DVDs, online training, CD-ROMs, books, and archival media for police departments and academies nationwide since 1978!

Endorsed By:
Lieutenant Jon Kingsbury.
Certified law enforcement trainer with over 20 years experience.
Learn more about Lt. Jon Kingsbury here.
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It’s here! Announcing our newly updated Report Writing course.

Enhanced Report Writing with YOU in mind.

Law Enforcement Resource Center (LERC) knows how critical excellent report writing skills are to everyone in the law enforcement community. That’s why we updated our Report Writing course. Not only is the content improved and features the latest report writing techniques, but we made revisions to the training format for a more constructive learning experience.

Report Writing features:

What’s in it for you?

High value, low cost: $29.00 per course