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The primary goal of this training is to increase officer’s skills and instill the ability to approach all types of traffic stops safely.


Module 1: No Margin for Error
Unknown Risk Stops
Module 2: Conducting Unknown Risk Stops
Module 3: Back-up Officers

Increased Risk Stops
Module 4: Increased Risk Stops

High Risk Stops
Module 5: Introduction "Better Safe Than Sorry"
Module 6: Performing the High Risk Stop
Module 7: High Risk Stops with Two-Officer Unit
Module 8: Extracting Suspects

Special Considerations
Module 9: DUI Stops
Module 10: Beyond the Ticket
Module 11: Other Vehicle Encounters
Module 12: Dealing with Extremists
Module 13: Rural Stops

Practical Exercises
When officers think about surviving vehicle stops, they almost always focus on the possibility of felonious assault – "getting shot." This series illustrates two ways that officers are killed on vehicle stops: assault and accident. The risk that passing vehicles pose is as great as that presented by armed offenders.

Video Segment Times: 16:45, 14:45, 23:50, 12:10
Appropriate for classroom or roll call training.